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Kinfonet Bulletin – New Krishnamurti Book Just Published by KFA

Dear Friends,
The new book on education has been finally released:

Unconditioning & Education Vol I

The Need for a Radical Approach

Presented in this book are previously unpublished conversations Krishnamurti had with teachers and parents leading to the founding of Oak Grove School in Ojai. In these discussions a vision emerges for an educational climate that could bring about a different mind in the student and teacher. And this would result in a different culture and society.

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A Jewel on a silver Platter

Krishnamurti interesserte:
(I have published a book about K. You can see it on by searching for » Padmanabhan Krishna».) P. Krishna
Det er kanskje noen av dere som kan være interessert i å lese
P. Krishnas nye bok om sitt forhold og samarbeid med J. Krishnamurti:
«A Jewel on a silver Platter»  og evt. dra til en samling i Ahmedabad i slutten av februar 2016 med P. Krishna.

» Dear August,
I look forward to seeing you in the gathering near Ahmedabad which Arvind Desai is organizing in the end of February. Do come and visit us in Rajghat also either before or after the Feb. event.
Please inform others interested in K and self-knowledge by email about my book as I find that most people do not know of its existence. In the west it is available on where it is much cheaper than on affectionately Krishna»

Om noen skulle ønske å bli med til seminaret i Ahmedabad i slutten av februar med tema:Education, Science and Spirituality, så kan jeg organisere reise og opphold. Program legges ut på nettsiden når det kommer.

hilsen August