Usually my headache goes away when I get up, but not today. So I have a question to myself. Is it some food i had yesterday evening or is it my way of thinking and the unconscious activity of the brain during the night ?

Passing 80 this winter I want to know, have some certainty, if the body is deteriorating or reviving. The headache may be both. I will probably never know what happened this last  night and a tour on ski will remove the headache, but it is interesting to see what happens next to my body and my thinking and the way I use language.

This group discussions from 1980 in Madras is interesting. Krishnamurti, at the age of 85, his friends in India, philosphers, scientists and Pupul Yakar, who had been working for Indira Gandhi and and a friend of K for 30 years, tryed to challenge him about his teaching.
Seminar 2 – 1981 :

The hindi speaker was probably a vedantic philosopher.
I think his point was that the suffering we here about in Gaza, Ukraine and elsewhere, are seperate suffering that we might see, hear and read about, but we don’t see it as my own suffering as K seem to imply.

I wonder if we do not find the same problem, question in the way we use language ?In 29 K said he would like to create a new language,  but realised that he could not. So he told his TS friends that he wanted to destroy their use of language,  their phrasiology. Probably : to be put on probation by Leadbeater, the initiations, steps to spirituality, aso.

The Danish Stig Hjort said in his book «Krishnamurti’s psychology» that he considered Ks use of language similar to that of Wittgenstein.  
The logical mysticism of Wittgenstein,  what can only be shown and not said, being similar to the indescribable K talks about.
The way K changed his use of language over the years seems to show a change towards a new language for our everyday life.
The use of sophisticated professional language he left out for use in solving practicle problems. The traditional us of language seems to work  well in that area, but used about the psyke we run into problems.
The way we use the word choice in both areas seems to be a good example.
Is the same problem as with suffering ?
As far as I know K never said anything about formalising the use of language, like Wittgenstein tryed to do and regretfully told that he was not able to finish it before he died of cancer. (Preface PI)
For the last two years I have tryed to formulate, and as short as possible, to express «the teaching», our understanding of life based on Ks teaching.
The point being to express it so clear that anyone would immediately see the facts.
To make it short might be a wrong question.
But still I think it is possible .

Could the solution be to replace the traditional language with a new one based on Ks teaching ?

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